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Pressure Gauge - On Site Calibrations

A pressure gauge is a device designed to measure pressure fluctuations, usually gases or liquids.  By definition, pressure is an expression of the force necessary in order to prevent a fluid from expanding. 

Pressure gauges have direct and indirect reading classifications. Regarding the indirect reading gauge, the pressure measured is from any gas property that’s changed by the density of the gas in the usual manner.  In terms of the direct reading if a particle flux glances off a surface and creates some form of pressure; the level of this force per area is measured.

Power plants, mills and factories tend to be the most common users of pressure gauges.  These gauges can be found in the fluid system where the spray nozzles and pumps are.  If there is adequate care, the gauges can last a very long time.  However, it is important to ensure that the gauge that is installed is the right size and design.  Gauges vary and their applications vary, so expert advice as to which one is appropriate to use is crucial.

In order to improve the longevity of the unit, it is possible to purchase accessories in order to protect them.  Though there are many variations of these useful devices, the most commonly used include snubbers, the shutoff valve, pulsation dampeners, chemical seals or pipe coils or siphons. It is quite often recommended at the time of purchasing to buy the pressure gauge with an accessory in order to facilitate the smooth operation of the gauge for as long as possible.

We supply the best brands in the world for digital pressure gauges and cater for most industry types and needs.

Digital Units have highly accurate readings when it comes to converting hydraulic, pneumatic, or differential pressure.  They convert the readings into signals that then appear on a digital screen.  The readings are displayed numerically which make them simple to understand.

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