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F030 Basic Batch Controller with One Output

F030 Basic Batch Controller with One Output

F030: Basic Batch Controller with One Output
Description: Batch Controller
Inputs: Reed-switch, NAMUR, NPN/PNP pulse, Sine wave, Active pulse signal, 4-20 mA, 0-10 VDC
Power Options: 8-24 VAC or VDC, 115-230 VAC
Display: Seven 0.67" (17 mm) digits for resettable total and Eleven 0.31" (8 mm) digits for accum total
Case: IP67/NEMA 4X

Large display shows preset value and running
batch value simultaneously.
• Self-learning overrun correction.
• Easy operation to enter a batch value and to
control the process.
• Count-up and count-down function available.
• Selectable on-screen engineering units;
volumetric or mass.
• Ability to process all types of flowmeter
• Operational temperature -40°C up to +80°C
(-40°F up to 178°F).
• Rugged aluminum field mount enclosure
• Intrinsically Safe - ATEX, IECEx, FM and CSA
approval for gas and dust applications.
• Explosion/flame proof II 2 GD EEx d IIB T5.
• LED backlight option.
• Loop or battery powered, 8 - 24V AC/DC or
115 - 230V AC power supply.
• Sensor supply 3.2 / 8.2 / 12 / 24V DC.

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