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Fixed Thermometers

DM640 SERIES Battery Powered Thermometer


The DM600 series of battery powered indicators accepts either an RTD (DM640P) or a Thermocouple (DM640TC) input. Each device shows the temperature on a 4 digit LCD display.

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Suitable For Use With Pt100 or Thermocouple Temperature Probes
Battery powered
Sensor,Remote or Wall Mounted versions
Push button configurable
4 digit display
Sealed to IP67
Atex approved in ABS housing

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DM660 Battery Powered Thermometer


The DM660 is a development of the DM640 battery powered indicator and provides a high accuracy digital readout from an RTD sensor.The mounting of the instrument in the larger 100mm ‘Dial Gauge’ enclosure enables 20mm high digits to be used providing good readability from 20 meters. Probe entry thread is M16 x 1.5mm

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Suitable for Pt100,Ni100,Cu53,Cu100 temperature sensors
20 mm LCD Display for good readability
Max/Min Process Temperature
Sensor, Wall or Panel Mount Housing Options
Stainless Steel Construction (100 mm diameter)
IP65 Enclosure

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