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Proficy Change Management (Operations Software)

Proficy Change Management is powerful software that enables your team to manage, store and retreive your automation systems software, configuration, code and plant floor documentation easliy. Proficy Change Management has powerful capabilities including user based security, version control, audit trails, e-signatures, central storage, automated & manual backup and recovery for any file, configuration or code base. The web based HTML Interface allows for a customizable graphical plant layout, which enables users to access via a powerful point-and-click interface in the web browser. This makes accessing projects and devices as easy as surfing the net, helping simplify the interface for your end users and resulting in reduced errors and extended training plans.

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Proficy Change Management offers an automated way to help your organization assess, monitor, manage, control—and lower—project costs as well as ongoing maintenance costs. In addition, by providing traceability and notification of changes, it drives increased efficiency of your personnel, and as a result, your productivity.

Proficy Change Management is pre-configured to support a variety of commonly used software and devices in the industrial environment, including GE Fanuc, Rockwell, Schneider, Siemens and many more. It can also manage any file type such as documents, spreadsheets, drawings and more with our easy-to-use Wizard for a complete plant or factory asset management system.

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Proficy Historian (Operations Software)

Creating an enterprise resource planning system for manufacturing is an important step to building a more efficient and productive business. Proficy Historian (formally iHistorian) provides a robust and effective plant data repository to collect, archive and distribute large volumes of real-time, plant floor information quickly and easily. Able to read all types of process data, Historian will provide a window into your manufacturing operations across all key metrics.

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Finding a fast, easy, and cost-effective way to collect, retrieve and store massive amounts of process data has always been a daunting task. And with today’s new requirements to make real-time decisions based on this information, the task hasn’t become any easier. Proficy Historian can address these most pressing data management challenges to maximize your operational performance.

- Unlimited Point Collection
- Sub-Second Data Collection Rates
- Enhanced Data Compression
- Multiple Time Zone Support
- Time Stamp Resolution
- Fully Integrated with iFIX
- True Thin Client Administration
- Excel Add-in
- Designed for 21 CFR Part 11
- Simple Configuration
- Data Retrieval
- Open Archive Access
- Fault Tolerant Architecture
- Calculation Collector and Server-to-Server Collector

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Download Proficy Software Data Sheet

Download Proficy Cimplicity – Historian Software Data Sheet

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Proficy Real-Time Information Portal (Operations Software)

Proficy Real-Time Information Portal is GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms’ breakthrough real-time manufacturing intelligence application, allowing you to gain business insight from all of your plant data in real time. This powerful application is an incredible resource for your business, providing visibility into plant floor operations. As a result, it enables real time decision support, continuous process improvement and enhances the return on your current and future IT investments.

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Proficy Real-Time Information Portal provides a web-based solution that integrates all of your on-line and process-based systems with plant-wide connectivity, analysis and web-based visualization components.

This revolutionary application provides a common web client and reporting environment for a fully integrated solution that maximizes the value of your other GE Fanuc applications, as well as the data and content from your legacy and third party systems. By applying sophisticated trending, graphical presentation and statistical analysis to all of your on-line data, Proficy Real-Time Information Portal provides unique organization-wide views and insight into how your plant is operating, and how to improve it.

Robust Application Framework
- Web based configuration
- Script and HTML free
- Role-based navigation and security
- Easily convert interactive displays into reports

Time-based Data Analysis
- Connect and interact with plant-wide, real-time and historical data
- Visualize, annotate and analyze process data
- Analyze your process by event
- Drill into detail data

Common Web Client
- Combine the client functions
- Proficy HMI/SCADA – iFIX displays
- Graphically create a library of parameterized SQL statements
- Sophisticated, web based, portal and cockpit

Graphical Presentation
- Complete graphics library
- Common graphical tools
- Animations

Enterprise-wide Quality
- Variable SPC charts
- Control chart alerts
- Quick Reports for drill down

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Download Proficy Software Data Sheet

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