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SL7000 Universal Input Data Logger

Universal Input Data Logger
The SL7000 is a data logger that has a very flexible combination of inputs from a single temperature input up to 4 universal inputs (RTD, Thermocouple, mA, V, mV, Thermistor, Slidewire) combined with an internal temperature and RH as well as a optional external temperature and RH sensor.

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All units feature a digital input which can be used as an event trigger or as a counter input enabling counts of up to 65535 per period to be recorded.

Powered by its own, user replaceable, internal battery that has a typical life in excess of 6 years, up to 128,000 readings can be recorded at intervals from 1 second to 24 hours.

The SL7000 features unprecedented accuracy, combining our extensive knowledge of instrumentation precision with data logging technology. High end resolution of 16 Bit for all universal inputs and a modular build ensures that the unit is competitively priced whatever the application.

An on-board LCD display (Optional) shows selected channel information and integral LED displays provide immediate scanning and alarm status information.

The logger can be set to start immediate, start on an event (either a trigger event or the exercising of an external digital input) or start with the application of an external magnet (Provided). This feature enables loggers to be set up in advance of the mission by a supervisor and to be launched at the start of the journey / log period by an operator.

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