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SEM203P Transmitter

SEM203P Transmitter

SEM203P - Push Button PT100 4-20mA Transmitter
A simple push button operation ranges and calibrates the SEM203 4-20mA temperature transmitter, eliminating the need for soldering links, potentiometers or PC's.

The SEM203 in-head transmitter incorporates the latest digital technology to ensure accurate drift free linearisation. It connects to an appropriate sensor and converts the output to a linear 4-20mA output signal, providing a level of performance at a cost that was not possible with earlier analogue types.

High accuracy and stability coupled with the flexibility of reduced stock holding and the quick and easy way of bench re-ranging makes the SEM203 the ideal choice for the majority of temperature sensing requirements.

The SEM203 is linearised to comply with all common RTD sensor standards i.e. 0.00385, 0.003916 etc. all common thermocouple types and 2252 ohms and 10k ohms YSI Thermistors, and up to 10k ohms potentiometers.

An on board LED indicates the successful completion of the range programming and also provides an instant indication of sensor health.

*Low Cost
*10 Year Warranty
*Push Button Calibration
*RTD, T/C, Slidewire or Thermistor Input
*Drift Free Linerisation
*Re-Rangeable without PC
*LED Over-Range Indication
*Galvanic Isolation on T/C Types

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