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SEM710 Temperature Transmitter

SEM710 Temperature Transmitter

The SEM710 is the first of a new generation head mounted temperature transmitter with display feature, from Status Instruments.

It has been designed to accept most common process and temperature sensor inputs and provide the user with a standard two wire (4 to 20) mA output signal. Isolation is provided between input and output and all temperature ranges are linear to temperature. The addition of a display provides the user with instant information of the loop condition at the point of measurement. It comes in either our SCH4 ABS plastic connector head or our new SCH15 Stainless steel connector head.
Designed for ease of use, our latest USB interface is fitted for quick and easy configuration. Just connect a standard USB cable between the SEM710 and your PC. Using our free configuration software, your PC will automatically upload the existing configuration data and guide you through any changes you wish to make. To further help save time, the SEM710 does not need to be wired to a power supply during the configuration process, it is powered via the USB interface from your PC.

-Simple configuration via USB port
- Isolated PT100, thermocouple input
- Display temperature in °C /°F or output drive in mA
- Push button user trim
- (4 to 20) mA two wire output
- Housing ABS plastic or stainless steel
- 10 year warranty

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