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Wizard2 Intelligent Wireless Data Logging Systems

Wizard2 Intelligent Wireless Data Logging Systems

Wizard2 Intelligent Wireless Data Logging Systems

Simple, scalable, wireless data logging

Dickson WiZARD2 products offer unparalleled ease of use, scalability, and reliability. A single receiver wirelessly manages your entire environment, whether you're using one logger or sixty. Each logger measures temperature or temperature and humidity and comes in probe, display, and alarm configurations. Wizard2 loggers also feature battery backup, so you'll never lose data, even if your power goes out. If there is a problem, the WiZARD2 system alerts you by email or text message.

Place these data loggers throughout your facility and receive all data automatically at your PC. No retrieving data from loggers. This is the easiest and most cost-effective way to create a scalable monitoring network. Compatible with Pre-Calibrated Sensors (PCS) which make calibration easy and fast. Simply order a new sensor with a calibration and you can swap out the old for the new eliminating any downtime and keeping you in comliance.

- New Pre-Calibrated Sensors
- Email and Text alerts available
- Eliminates the need to change charts and pens
- Data automatically downloaded to your computer wirelessly
- Loggers continue to log in the event of a power outage

-Wireless Monitoring
Untether yourself from your recorders. WiZARD2's wireless functionality transmits information directly to your computer, allowing you to monitor large areas from one location and eliminating the hassle of retrieving data from individual loggers or recorders.

-Easy Setup
All you need to get started with the WiZARD2 is a receiver, a logger, and software that's simple to install. Once your system is in place, it sends data to your computer automatically. Should you need to expand, adding loggers is a snap.

-Affordable Scalability
The WiZARD2 presents an affordable, expandable system that's easy to maintain with little out-of-pocket expense. Get a basic system up and running for less than $500, and add up to 60 loggers at a per unit price as little as $199. Additionally, with the WiZARD2 you never have to buy new charts and pens, which saves you money and time.

Protecting your products and environments is crucial, especially in the event of power outages. WiZARD2 loggers feature battery backups and can save up to 32,000 data points, so even if power fails, you still have reliable information. When power returns, the WiZARD2 system automatically resumes sending data to your PC.

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